Bag ladies.

My versions of chic bag ladies. There are my favorite four in my series of ten that I did. They are based off real and imaginary.

Complimentary land

A cover design for Kramers Ergot. Met one of the artists who worked on the series when we visited their bookstore, Family bookstore on N. Fairfax, right across from Canter's Deli. So many cool books in one place, I'm going to go back... when I have money to blow! Ha.

Family photo

Painted my version of an old found photo from an antique store. It was so incredibly awkward, all three piled on one chair and everybody was blinking except the dad. I love it! Awkward family photos are the best.

"You can never go home again."

The cul-de-sac where I grew up.

We moved a lot but I remember this place the most. We lived in both the last brown house and the blue/yellow roofed house. My family literally moved a couple houses down, into the court. The colored homes were the homes of my friends'. I remember there was always someone to play with.


Two layer woodcut print.

Three layer silkscreen print.

Cat's Cradle

Draw draw draw

Little Tokyo

Farmer's Market

Tattoo Parlor

Some on location drawings done from life. Drawing in public is still a weird thing for me but I really want to do some more now. Maybe I do need to invest in nice headphones.


Oil on canvas portrait of my friend Nicholas Compton.

Experimental portrait, acrylic on paper of my friend Sam.

It's so hard to care when youre this relaxed.

Here are some from my series of paintings of exotic cacti. My dining room turned into a lounge, and now it's turning into a sun room for all my plants. I found the exact cactus in my second painting at Ikea of all places.