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Group show

This coming Saturday there will be a group show called Force Fields that I am going to be a part of. All the proceeds go to AGAINST MALARIA to send mosquito nets to fight malaria in Africa. 

Come, support, say hi!


Two dogs are better than one

A doodle I did a couple days ago. More to come!


Hello summer

My last break before I graduate! Didn't get a chance to scan or shoot any of my finals from this past term, but here are some pictures of everything up at the Art Center gallery! I will post better scans when they come down. 

This a the product I came up with, including the brand and marketing. Vitamin chocolate!
Print ad, iphone app, website, packaging.

Top four only

With my sister, who's a fine artist at Art Center as well :)

The drawings in the previous posts are also up but my sister didn't shoot those. Now I'm ready for summer and extremely excited to start my internships!



Long overdue images of the collection I worked on for licensing. The collection consists of four plates, a lampshade, and a fabric panel design. The title of the collection is "Away" and it's about childhood dreams, nostalgia, and flight. These images were taken after they went up in the gallery so the lighting is a bit off.


"The Cocoon" by The Decemberists

"Red Right Ankle" by The Decemberists

Drawing comps for two paintings I am working on right now. My interpretations of two songs that I love.

More in class drawings...

In class live model paintings. I never loved figure drawing but loved drawing from a live model. Painting with gouache from a live model is so much fun.

Portrait drawing

My boyfriend and I.