"The Cocoon" by The Decemberists

"Red Right Ankle" by The Decemberists

Drawing comps for two paintings I am working on right now. My interpretations of two songs that I love.

More in class drawings...

In class live model paintings. I never loved figure drawing but loved drawing from a live model. Painting with gouache from a live model is so much fun.

Portrait drawing

My boyfriend and I.

String string string

Nerding out on string. Collage and patterns, tension vs. slack, depth, volume, etc!


Exploring what I attracts me to cat's cradle, bridges, and playgrounds.

The cat's cradle for "Polar bear trap" and "Two polar bears".

The north

I'm taking a class on environmental issues, a depressing but extremely interesting class. I learned that everything we've been doing to the earth has been taking the most toll on the north pole. All the currents in the oceans eventually end up north. They've done nothing but they're the one's dying, it's all so so sad.