Infinite vacation

Here are the rest of my superstitions. Finished my layout and dropped it off at the printer's! I can't wait to see it bound.

Smell dandelions, wet the bed. Pis-en-lit is French for dandelions, and it literally means to wet the bed.

Crush eggshells after you eat boiled eggs so the devil can't use it as a boat.

Cross your fingers for good luck.

Heads or tails.

Staring at the moon for will change the color of your eyes for a month. If this were true I would want green.

Animals can show superstitious behavior too. Especially pigeons.

Whistling calls snakes.

Don't knit your boyfriend socks. He will leave you.

If the bottom of your feet itch, you will make a trip.

If you get a plant as a gift and say "thank you", it will die.

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Christina Song said...

i loveeee!! upload some more ;) i like reading the description with the image. it's fun.